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- Power Steering Diagnostics & Repair

- Shock/Strut Diagnostics & Replacement

- Steering Linkage Inspection & Repair

- Wheel Bearing replacement -Including Pres-In

- Rack & Pinion/Steering Gear Diagnostics & Repair

- Replacement of Necessary Components

(Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Sway Bar Links/Bushings Etc.)

Followed by either a Front Wheel Alignment or, if, required a Four Wheel Alignment

6 tell tale signs that its time to get new a new suspension:

1. Car rides roughly

2. Drifting or pulling during turns

3. The nose of the car dips when breaking

4. Uneven tire treads

5. Damaged oily shocks

6. Still unsure? Try the bounce test: While the car is in park press down on the front of the car a few times. If it continues to bounce it means your suspension is wearing out. (Try the back as well)

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